Jabberweb is here to help, but what do we do?

As an independent website creation studio we are able to offer a unique approach to getting you on the web. You will have an intial one-to-one in order for us to gather your requirements and vision.

Have you thought about how many pages you might need and what you want them to say?  Initially most websites can start with just a 'homepage'.  That's the one everybody sees when they first come to your site.  You might want to have an 'about' page that gives your readers a look into your world and what makes you tick and why your product and brand are the best.  There's also the all important 'contact' page.  After all, what's the point if people can't get in touch.

Have you thought about tracking your visitors.  Where did they come from, which pages did they land on and when did they leave?  All can be done with Google analytics.  That's something which can easily be set up and added to your site.



1 Page micro-site

Domain Registration

1 Year Web Hosting

1 Email address + Contact form


5 Pages

Domain Registration

1 Year Web Hosting

5 Email address + Contact form