Who or What is JabberWeb?

Hi, my names Peter and I take care of JabberWeb. I am located up on the North Norfolk coast.  A lovely part of the country if not a little wind swept at times. I have been messing about (technical term) with websites for a number of years now and enjoy helping get people onto the web.  Have also done a stint at IT classroom training which helps with bridging the technical gap if you're not so sure on this internet thing.
Why don't you drop me a line if you have any questions.

What I Get Up To

Web Site Design
Email addresses
One-to-one Training
Pretty much most things to aid you get on the web

What's It All About?

Who are our customers?  Well I see them as business start-ups looking for their first website with which to communicate their brand to the world.  They are maybe not quite ready to pay out for an all singing all dancing web presence and might well want to maintain some control over the upkeep and administration of their site.

What makes JabberWeb unique: We make simple yet functional websites that can easily be controlled and updated thus keeping them fresh and exciting.  Oh, and the customer gets to look under the bonnet too if they want with a training session.

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JabberWeb - What's in a Name?

Jabber means to talk or chat rapidly, whilst web is an intricate collection of connections, relationships or both.  The idea behind you wanting a website is generally to promote or communicate your thoughts, ideas and products to the wider world. The more connections you have the greater your reach and therefore potential market for you to tap into. 

JabberWeb can set you up with a website that comes with a WordPress blog. This enables you to update as little or as often as you wish.  Do you have a brand new product to shout about, a recipe, a new colour range, a show you are attending, whatever it may be, with a few words and a picture you can craft a post for your blog. It takes you as long as typing up the text and hitting save and ‘hey presto’ you have a new post.