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Hi, nice to meet you and welcome to JabberWeb.  We are here to help you get on the web with as little hassle and fuss as possible.  JabberWeb aims  to take care of the nuts and bolts of your website allowing you to get on with the really important stuff like making your products, marketing and promoting your brand.

Here at JabberWeb we use WordPress for the backend content management which affords you the bonus of getting a website and a blog combined.   Another bonus of using WordPress is that it is a well established platform with lots of support for templates and plugins.  This gives you the chance to pick and choose without getting stuck with something you might grow out of.


What Can JabberWeb Do For You

As an independent company we are able to offer a unique approach to getting you on the web.  We are not going to confuse you with glitz and glam offers that are too good to be true or long weird and wonderful technical words. We are here to hold your hand and help.


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