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Free West Media - Free West - New European alt news site which professes to present a broad and unbiased daily coverage of European and world wide news from a western perspective. Looks good so far, and will give you an idea of what is going on outside the UK and US

Rich Planet - Alternative information from that of the MSM

The Corbett

The Hagmann

The Highwire - - Alt news site

The Stranger - A site that attempts to provoke critical thinking



Ainsworths - and on 020 7935 5330. Homoeopathic Remedies. You can also ring for free advice on symptoms, given by trainee homoeopaths. They sell a 40 remedy emergency kit, with 1g bottles of the most useful remedies too, for around £40.00. This is really worth having, but get the remedies listed above in 7g bottles if you want to start using homoeopathy more

Aussie Trace Minerals - - Australian shop for your electrolyte needs

Body Kind - - Natural health products

But Wholefods Online - - Health food supplier

G.Baldwin & Co - - Herbalists

Healthy Supplies - - Health food supplier. Postage free if you spend over a certain amount, and you can buy bulk bags. Really good service, and you can check the sell by dates of each product online before you order

Helios - Remedies. All their remedies are produced by hand, and some homoeopaths prefer this

MitoLife - - Nutrients and tech from the US

Poyntzfield Herb Nursery - - Nursery. Based in Scotland. Superb seeds and herb plants (medicinal, dyes, culinary, etc.) and a vast catalogue. A small, independent business. Organic

Real Foods - - Health food supplier. Based in Edinburgh, but really good too, and quick delivery

The People's Health - Health Service. An organic, people-led approach to healthcare, bringing everything back to community level, for The People, by The People

 Tree Harvest - - Herbalists. Brilliant, 'Timber free forest products' and more, such as fruit and veg powders, Western, Chinese and ayurvedic botanicals, tree gums and incense (dragon's blood, copal, and all sorts), and a really interesting online or paper catalogue. Used by professional herbalists. No online ordering, but good postal/phone service

WallachsWarriors - - Nutrients and tech from the US

PODCASTS - Interviews from journalist James Delingpole, often with very interesting speakers

Dr Judy Wood 911 Documentary - Dr Judy Wood 911 Documentary

Jerm Warfare - - Some excellent interviews and info, from S African podcaster

Richie - Abrasive indy radio show from Salford, frequently with v interesting interviews

Sheep - Podcasts and videos using primarily MSM sources to profile some of the 'Actors' in the CV1984 movie



Build Your Own Trauma KitSkinnyMedic - YouTube


Camping/Survival gear -

Celox Granules (stop bleeding)Celox Medical - YouTube

Escape/Smoke Hood Dräger Global - YouTube

Practical Self

Prepper Girl UK -

Fire Dragon Fuel BCB International - YouTube


First Aid/Medical





The Next Step - - The official site for wide awake, brilliant and inspiring astrologer Pam Gregory, who is like the best and most motivational auntie you could wish for in these times

Wake Up

Waking Times - Waking


Blu - US shop for Emf protection and info

Defender Shield - - US shop for Emf protection and info

Earth - Shoes for grounding from the US and a blog

ES-UK - those affected by electromagnetic radiation - basically all of us. Loads of research and good information. Probably the most informative and well informed site on this subject - Want to learn about grounding and emf protection. UK shop and info

Higher Dose - - Infrared beds and blankets from America

Red Light - Red light products and info

Spero Protection - Emf protection clothing and accessories from the US

Wired Child - - Good site, focussing on the dangers of mobile and wireless technology, especially in relation to children and young people


Activists Toolbox -

Children's Health Defense - - Home of Robert F Kennedy and lots of good info

Diplomatic Immunity - - A card for Diplomatic Immunity. This card can be used for travelling, shopping, medical help etc... All explained on the website

Doctors 4 Covid - Doctors and scientists from 30 countries seeking to uphold medical ethics, patient safety and human rights in response to COVID-19. Really sound and well informed. Look for anything online by Dr Sucharit Bhakdi too

Global - Very informative site, on all kinds of relevant political and global issues, run by the Centre for Research on Globalization

Living In The Private - - Does what it says on the tin

Mercola - - Dr Joseph Mercola's website

Our Lawful Duty - - Richard's website

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Power To The People -

Save Our

Together Declaration - - The Together Declaration was formed with one main purpose: to unite people from all walks of life to oppose the government’s draconian response to Covid-19. We recognise the need to push back against the rapidly growing infringements on our personal freedoms

UK Column - - In depth UK alt news channel with contributions from Europe and the US, from Brian Gerrish and co. All articles have extensive source references, so you can follow everything up for yourself, which makes this site special

Vaccine Control Group - - So you can basically opt out of the vaccine by being part of a control group that doesn't require the vax because it's still in clinical trials. It's all explained on the website

Winter Oak - - Unusual site with a serious aversion to industrial capitalism and a commitment to social justice


Divine Healing Codes - What are they and how to use them - Download

Door 2 Door - What's the law? - Download

The Health Booklet - Download

Water, Gas and Electricity are Free - Download