Ainsworths - www.ainsworths.com and on 020 7935 5330. Homoeopathic Remedies. You can also ring for free advice on symptoms, given by trainee homoeopaths. They sell a 40 remedy emergency kit, with 1g bottles of the most useful remedies too, for around £40.00. This is really worth having, but get the remedies listed above in 7g bottles if you want to start using homoeopathy more

Aussie Trace Minerals - aussietraceminerals.com - Australian shop for your electrolyte needs

Body Kind - www.bodykind.com - Natural health products

But Wholefods Online - www.buywholefoodsonline.co.uk - Health food supplier

G.Baldwin & Co - www.baldwins.co.uk - Herbalists

Healthy Supplies - www.healthysupplies.co.uk - Health food supplier. Postage free if you spend over a certain amount, and you can buy bulk bags. Really good service, and you can check the sell by dates of each product online before you order

Helios - www.helios.co.ukHomoeopathic Remedies. All their remedies are produced by hand, and some homoeopaths prefer this

MitoLife - www.mitolife.co - Nutrients and tech from the US

Poyntzfield Herb Nursery - www.poyntzfieldherbs.co.uk - Nursery. Based in Scotland. Superb seeds and herb plants (medicinal, dyes, culinary, etc.) and a vast catalogue. A small, independent business. Organic

Real Foods - www.realfoods.co.uk - Health food supplier. Based in Edinburgh, but really good too, and quick delivery

Tree Harvest - www.tree-harvest.com - Herbalists. Brilliant, 'Timber free forest products' and more, such as fruit and veg powders, Western, Chinese and ayurvedic botanicals, tree gums and incense (dragon's blood, copal, and all sorts), and a really interesting online or paper catalogue. Used by professional herbalists. No online ordering, but good postal/phone service

WallachsWarriors - wallachswarriors.ca - Nutrients and tech from the US


Prepper Girl UK - preppergirluk.yolasite.com


5d Portal5dportal.net

Conspiracy Daily Updateconspiracydailyupdate.com

Mona Talkmontalk.net

Rich Planetwww.richplanet.net

The Corbett Reportwww.corbettreport.com

The Hagmann Reportwww.hagmannreport.com

Unlimited Hangoutunlimitedhangout.com

Wake Up Worldwakeup-world.com


Blu Shieldwww.blushield-uk.com - US shop for Emf protection and info

Defender Shield - www.defendershield.com - US shop for Emf protection and info

Earth Runnerswww.earthrunners.com - Shoes for grounding from the US and a blog

Groundologywww.groundology.co.uk - Want to learn about grounding and emf protection. UK shop and info.

Higher Dose - higherdose.com - Infrared beds and blankets from America

Red Light Risingredlightrising.co.uk - Red light products and info

Spero Protection Clothingsperoprotectionclothing.com - Emf protection clothing and accessories from the US


Activists Toolbox - activiststoolbox.com

Diplomatic Immunity - newworldalliances.com/diplomatic-immunity A card for Diplomatic Immunity. This card can be used for travelling, shopping, medical help etc... All explained on the website

My Moral Duty - mymoralduty.weebly.com - Richard's website

Power To The People - www.powertothepeopleuk.com

Save Our Rightssaveourrights.uk

Vaccine Control Group - vaxcontrolgroup.com. So you can basically opt out of the vaccine by being part of a control group that doesn't require the vax because it's still in clinical trials. It's all explained on the website