Acute prescribing using homoeopathy: the most useful and easy remedies to use in an emergency
Unless specified, the references are to tablets (lactose or sucrose). The number refers to the potency.
For where to buy, see below.

Arnica 30c - For bruises, pain, inflammation, post-operative. Probably the best and most useful remedy

Arnica cream - Ditto, for topical use

Aconite 30c - For shock, fear

Arsenicum alb 30c - Diarrhoea: the main, most generic remedy. Usually when with chills

Belladonna 30c - Sudden fever or violent inflammation, with heat

Bryonia 30c - Vertigo, flu with slow onset, joint pains

Calendula 30c - To heal wounds and skin irritations

Calendula cream - Ditto, apply topically

Cantharis 30c - Cystitis, burns, scalds

Chamomilla 30c - Childhood teething

Euphrasia 30c - Eye problems, eg conjunctivitis

Euphrasia tincture - Ditto, for bathing the eyes (diluted)

Hepar sulph 30c - Infections, boils, abscesses, cold sores

Hypericum 30c - Nerve damage injury, post op pain, bites and puncture wounds (also Ledum)

Hypercal tincture - The best remedy to apply topically, diluted, to mouth ulcers and mouth injuries. Also for cuts or wounds with broken skin.

Ledum 30c - Puncture wounds and animal bites, stings, deep wounds. Can also be used after arnica for bruising

Rhus tox 30c - Strains, sprains, rheumatism and arthritis, when better with movement

Ruta grava 30c - Sprains, strains, rheumatism, when pain doesn't get better with movement

*When using homoeopathic remedies, let the pill or tablet dissolve on or under your tongue, and if possible, unless in an emergency, don't eat or drink anything for twenty minutes before or after.

*Avoid mint toothpaste and coffee when using a remedy.

*In acute situations, it's usually best to take one pill once every hour for 3 doses, repeat if needed, then take 3 times the following day, and thence twice a day for 5 days or until symptoms are better. But different people will prescribe differently depending on you and your symptoms. See below for free advice.

*Don't take arnica and calendula at the same time, as they don't like each other.

*Store your remedies wrapped in tin foil and keep them away from perfumes, heat and sources of electromagnetism. This is usual nowadays, with all the man made electromagnetism in the environment.

Where to buy homoeopathic remedies and on 020 7935 5330. You can also ring for free advice on symptoms, given by trainee homoeopaths. They sell a 40 remedy emergency kit, with 1g bottles of the most useful remedies too, for around £40.00. This is really worth having, but get the remedies listed above in 7g bottles if you want to start using homoeopathy more.

Helios -  All their remedies are produced by hand, and some homoeopaths prefer this.