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Alternative Treatments
6 Natural Alternatives to Ivermectin

Chronic Fatigue - "The 3 secrets to healing chronic illness even if you’ve tried everything and feel like you have nowhere else to turn". One mans journey from illness to wellness.

Red Light Therapy
What's it all about? Clean blood as it happens.
Have a look at this site, Alternative Doctor, which has a video presentation by Dr Keith Scott-Mumby
You can get these cheaper at Amazon than this but this one has more reviews and also states that the red light is 650nm. The Vielights are 633nm and 655nm so I think that the 650nm will do a good job and is so much cheaper and that's what I use now.
For the first time just try it for 5mins on day 1, ten mins on day 2 and then 15mins on day 3. This allows your system to get used to it. Otherwise if you start too quickly your increased blood flow can flush out accumulated toxic waste in amounts that are uncomfortable to deal with. Better to start slowly to avoid any healing crisis. - (Jerry)



Book Of Health
A comprehensive collection of healthy food knowledge
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