Home Made HCQ (quercetin)

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🍋🍊Making homemade Hydroxychloriquine (quercetin)🍊🍋

•Grapefruit (3), Lemons (3), Limes (3)
•Quarter the fruit and place into a stainless steel pot (don’t use aluminium)
•Cover with a few inches of filtered water and bring to the boil
•Once boiled, reduce heat and let simmer with a lid on for 3 hours
•Let it cool without removing the lid to prevent the Quercetin from escaping
•Once cooled naturally, strain and pour into a glass container (not plastic)!

•Mix an ounce/tablespoon with a glass of water or fresh juice
•Add a tsp of Manuka honey and/or a pinch of Pink Himalayan salt to taste. (Optional)