Group Unity Meditation

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Date for your diary. 12th December 2021   Inviting all who wish to join simultaneously from their own SITP group meetings. In North Walsham we’ll be starting the SITP meet up later that day so we don’t freeze our whatsits … Continued

Elderberry Syrup

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Ingredients: Ripe Elderberries Sugar Cloves (optional, if you wish to use this as a cold cure) Wash and drain berries. Use a fork to trip them from stems. Put in a pan and cover with water. Simmer for 30 minutes … Continued

Home Made HCQ (quercetin)

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🍋🍊Making homemade Hydroxychloriquine (quercetin)🍊🍋 Ingredients: •Grapefruit (3), Lemons (3), Limes (3) •Quarter the fruit and place into a stainless steel pot (don’t use aluminium) •Cover with a few inches of filtered water and bring to the boil •Once boiled, reduce … Continued